Quiz: Lesser Known Reasons To Brush And Floss

quizgreenDo you know why it’s so important to keep up with your dental hygiene? Do you look at brushing and flossing as something you have to do (but you’re not sure that you’re completely connecting with the potentially negative side effects of avoiding these tasks)? If you’re wondering how knowledgeable you are regarding your smile care, learn a bit about it with a quiz.


TMJ Disorder: An Introduction

jawpainblondeDo you find that your jaw doesn’t feel or function the way it used to? Perhaps you are suffering from daily headaches you can’t find a way to explain (along with some other confusing symptoms). If you are informed about TMJ disorder (TMD), you might quickly recognize that this jaw joint problem may be the culprit. However, if you aren’t so familiar with TMD, you may have a hard time pinpointing the problem until you come in for a dental visit. Get to know this concern on a basic level, so you are prepared to protect your jaw health.


Community Mural Making

paintingwallHave you ever looked up at a community mural and wondered who made it, where the idea came from, and perhaps had a little fantasy about someday painting a mural of your own? If this type of art fascinates you, then you will be overjoyed by this upcoming community event! Gather up friends, the kids, and spouses, and clear a little time in your calendar.


Your Introduction: What Is Bruxism?

bruxismeraseIn the land of preventive dentistry, we are focused wholly on protecting every aspect of your oral health. This means that one part of the journey is keeping your smile free of plaque, so you may avoid hygiene-related concerns. This also means keeping your smile’s supportive muscles and structures (like jaw joints) in working order, so you may avoid functional problems like bruxism disorder. Not sure what this is? Let’s introduce you to the topic – remember to let us know if it sounds like something you have been experiencing.


When And Why You Need A Dental Cleaning

toothcleanDo you feel like you do a pretty good job with your dental hygiene on your own time, so you frequently wonder why we encourage you to come in for a dental cleaning? If so, rest assured that you are not the only person out there with this question – also, take note that while your logic seems sound, it actually is essential that we see you for cleanings. Let’s explore the fundamental details, so you’re clear regarding this area of preventive care.


Dental Checkups: Your Quick Introduction

dentalcheckupThe very backbone of your dental care experience with us is the dental checkup, which provides us with the time to thoroughly find out what’s happening with your oral health. While this certainly sounds like a beneficial opportunity for patients, we find that many individuals appreciate the need for checkups but don’t know much about the details. To ensure you feel as motivated as we would hope regarding keeping up with preventive visits (and to make sure you feel informed), we would like to offer you a brief yet helpful introduction.


How To Choose A New Toothbrush

toothbrushbrunetteAre you tired of the toothbrush you have been using? Perhaps you have noticed lately that your dental hygiene is not providing you with the clean, healthy-feeling teeth you expect. Or, maybe you are just a bit unsure about your options, so you grab the first product you see, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. Good news! Shopping for your smile can be easy and even enjoyable if you know what you’re doing. Lucky for you, we have some helpful suggestions ready to go.


Shrewsbury Farmer’s Market

farmersmarketaboveIs there something about summer that immediately strikes nostalgia straight into your heart? Do you crave fresh strawberries, vegetables, and baked goods that remind you of picnics and cookouts of summers passed? If so, get ready for all you could ever hope for in the way of local produce (and more) at this weekly event!


Preventive Dentistry: What Is It?

preventionsignWhen we talk about prevention in any form, we are discussing keeping something from happening. When we’re talking specifically about preventive dentistry, we are focusing on an area of dental care that inhibits the development of problems, such as hygiene-related oral health diseases and function-related disorders. For a clearer understanding of what you can accomplish through prevention and what it means for you, let’s do a bit of exploring.


The Songbird Team Welcomes You!

The team at Songbird Dental is excited to open our new practice during the second week in August. (maybe week three)

We will strive to help patients enjoy their dental care experience, and can’t wait to share the office with each and every patient on your journey to a healthier smile.

If you want to schedule an appointment, email us at: office@songbirddental.com. In the meantime, stay tuned to Songbird Dental’s blog for news on the practice, doctor, staff, and community. (more…)