Shouldn’t I Have A Fresh Wintry Mouth?

womanwonderinggrayOnce winter makes its full arrival, you might be expecting your mouth to feel as clean and refreshed as newly fallen snow! Unfortunately, you may discover that the opposite occurs. The good news is that this is generally something you can resolve by making just a few changes, so your mouth feels as crisp and vibrant as you were hoping (and so you know that your oral health is in immaculate condition). Take some suggestions to heart!


Gum Problems And How To Fix Them

whywomanWhen you discover that your gum tissue isn’t looking or behaving as it should, it can become a very confusing moment. This is particularly true when you recognize that you aren’t certain if you’re dealing with a cosmetic issue or an oral health concern. As a matter of fact, sometimes the symptoms you see will match up with more than one problem. Of course, this is why we suggest you come into our practice for a checkup. We will quickly identify what’s wrong with your gums and offer an appropriate solution. For a preview into what might be going on, consider some helpful facts.


Preventing: Wear And Tear

preventblocksYou cannot completely sidestep the natural wear-and-tear that affects your mouth. This is because some amount of wearing down will happen as the completely normal result of using your smile. The good news is that you can, indeed, rely on preventive care to avoid any serious problems that will then require serious dental care. For those who wish to avoid tooth stains that can become unsightly, gently chipped teeth, cracks, and other issues, we are happy to offer the simplest of assistance. Keep up with prevention and your smile will remain lovely and healthy.


Shrewsbury Library Museum Pass Program

shrewsbury-library-museum-pass-programIf you hear the word “museum” and think of a dull place with dusty paintings or old bones, it is time to check out some of the museums in the greater Shrewsbury area! And what better way to broaden your (or your whole family’s) horizons, then by taking advantage of the Shrewsbury Library’s Museum Passes Program. Each of the participating museums has designated some form of discount pricing, for example, half price admission or $5 off admission prices. In some cases, admission via the Museum Pass Program is completely free. (more…)

Quiz Time: Is It Sleep Apnea?

quiz-time-is-it-sleep-apneaWho doesn’t want a good night’s sleep? Some common sleep-friendly suggestions are going to bed at the same time each night, limiting exposure to electronics before bed time, and keeping your bedroom between about 60 and 67 degrees. If you do your best, but still wake up without feeling rested, perhaps sleep apnea is an issue. Diagnosing and treating sleep apnea is a skill of your dentist. If you suspect you may have sleep apnea after reading over this quiz, please call our office for a consultation appointment. (more…)

Q&A: Having Trouble Flossing?

qabuttonredAre you having some trouble with your daily flossing? If you answered, “Yes,” it is very important that you realize you aren’t alone. There are a lot of patients who come to us, letting us know that though they understand the importance of flossing, things just are not going so well. No need to feel worried or embarrassed. This is what we are here for! To provide comprehensive dental care, which includes answering questions and providing solutions.


Gum Disease: Predisposing Factors

womancoveringmouthchestnutYou might not be too thrilled to learn that whether or not you experience gum disease is dependent upon more than just your dental hygiene. Now, that does not mean that you should give up on brushing and flossing altogether. Instead, it means you need to pay extra special attention to good home care (and professional cleanings and checkups) since there are several factors at play. For a better understanding regarding what exactly influences periodontal problems, consider some new information.


Wisdom Teeth: Our Quiz

quizredtalkYou might know that many patients often need wisdom teeth removal. However, if we were to ask you to talk with us about when to expect these teeth to show up and why they might require dental extractions, do you think you would be able to give us a detailed explanation of the facts? Or, do you find that this is one of those areas of dental care that causes you some confusion. If you’re fuzzy on those facts at the moment, allow us to help with a quiz.


Building Blocks Of Restorative Dentistry

blocksWhen you’re thinking about how restorative dentistry benefits your smile, you may end up thinking and wondering a bit more about what the process is like. For instance, how do you know that you need this area of dental care, how does the process progress, and then when does your smile feel good as new again? Fortunately, walking you through the essential building blocks of receiving restorative care is simple for us to do (and will offer the clarification you’re seeking).