What is a Dental Checkup?

You can’t always tell when a dental health issue develops. For instance, cavities can develop for months or years before they cause your teeth to hurt, and gingivitis can settle in your gums before you ever notice a problem.

To stay ahead of potential concerns, Dr. Petto Messina advises attending a dental examination, or checkup, at least once every six months. During your visit she will thoroughly inspect your teeth, gums, and the rest of your dental health to check for signs of trouble that have not yet become obvious.

What can I expect during a checkup?

Your dental checkup occurs during the same visit as your dental cleaning, and involves a careful, comprehensive inspection of your mouth. Dr. Petto Messina will perform a thorough visual inspection, and may use advanced imaging equipment to capture highly detailed representations of hard-to-see areas. Digital X-rays and an intraoral camera can capture close-up impressions of your teeth and oral tissues, as well as your roots and jawbone structure, so Dr. Petto Messina can provide an accurate and precise diagnosis.

What if it’s been a long time since my last checkup?

If you have been putting off your regular dental checkups, then you should schedule one as soon as possible. Your first visit may include digital X-rays to update your dental records and keep track of future developments regarding your oral health. Because issues like cavities and gingivitis can develop easily without regular checkups, you may also require an appropriate cosmetic or restorative treatment if your checkup reveals either of these, or another dental issue.