What is Tooth Extraction?

With a focus on helping you preserve your natural, beautiful smile, Dr. Petto Messina only recommends extraction for teeth that cannot be saved using other restorative measures. Tooth extraction is typically simple, and before your treatment, the tooth and its surrounding area will be anesthetized for maximum comfort. For complex extractions, Dr. Petto Messina may also recommend dental sedation to help you remain calm for a more efficient procedure.

When should I consider tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth must be removed when they become impacted by nearby molars and cause severe dental pain. If they remain, they can damage other teeth and force them out of alignment, making extraction the best choice for protecting your smile. However, other types of teeth may need to be extracted for other reasons, such as:

  • A tooth that is too damaged to be restored with a dental crown
  • A tooth with a fractured or broken root
  • A severely infected tooth that cannot be saved with root canal treatment

Will I have to replace the tooth after it’s extracted?

Since impacted wisdom teeth are removed to make room for the rest of your teeth, they do not need to be replaced after being extracted. The loss of other teeth, however, may disrupt the balance and function of your bite and negatively affect your dental health as a whole and, therefore, should be replaced. Before your tooth extraction procedure, Dr. Petto Messina will discuss your options and preferences for replacing the tooth with an appropriate dental prosthetic.