We are a dental practice in the heart of Shrewsbury, MA. You are a unique individual with a unique oral health history. As a result, you need a unique dental treatment plan. From prevention to restoration, to a full cosmetic makeover, the Team at Songbird Dental has you covered.

The services we provide revolve around the four main components of a comprehensive dental care plan.

Prevention is one of the most important goals of routine dental care. We advise scheduling your preventive dentistry appointments no more than six months apart, though some patients may require more frequent visits.

If you wish to touch-up or improve the appearance of your smile, we offer a catalog of advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques to highlight its natural beauty while preserving your healthy, natural tooth structure.

For damaged, or decayed teeth, Dr. Messina can custom-craft a durable, lifelike restoration. Customized restorative dentistry, can make your smile look and function like new.

If you have lost one, several, or all of your teeth, we can design and place a comfortable, durable, and highly realistic dental prosthetic to replace them. Tooth replacement is a crucial step when it comes to restoring your smile and maintaining your oral health after tooth loss.