These are the best restaurants in or near Shrewsbury, MA

Sometimes you want to eat at a nice restaurant. Sometimes you just want to eat great food. Other times you want to take the great food home to eat with your family.

So, to make our list, the restaurants had to exhibit the following qualities:

  • Great Food
  • Great Service
  • Great Atmosphere
  • Great Food, Great Service and Great Atmosphere

Steves Pizza – Best sandwiches around and some really awesome pizza too. Informal dining with a great atmosphere, but really, just super awesome food.

Amici Tratattoria – Great atmosphere for Italian dining right in the center of Shrewsbury, MA. Casual yet almost fancy, you kind of get the best of both worlds, plus some awesome Italian food.

Willy’s Steakhouse – Steak and Sushi with a moderate to fine dining experience. Service and food quality is first class.

Dean Park Pizza and Grille – Kids will love this place because you don’t have to whisper. Food is high quality and the service is always friendly.

Mikaku Japanese Cuisine – Don’t take our word for it, just go and eat there. If you like Japanese food, sushi and the like, you will absolutely LOVE Mikaku. Subdued atmosphere but super nice. The owner makes his living serving the best of the best of the best sushi around. Tell him Vinnie sent you. ;)

Casa Nostra – Italian take-out at it’s absolute best. Everything is made from scratch. The food is spectacular. You can eat there for a quick bite, as there are a few tables. But this eatery is where you want to go when you want Italian for the family, but have way too much going on to cook.