toothbrushesblueishAre you brushing with the best of intentions and complete dedication – but you aren’t sure you’re actually doing everything exactly the way we would suggest for successful dental hygiene? No problem! You’ve got the dedication to ensure you maintain your oral health, now let’s just make sure your technique and approach are headed in the right direction. Combine all of these factors and you can rest assured that your smile will remain clean, healthy, and beautiful for years to come.

Step #1: Brush All Of Your Teeth (Every Surface)

Don’t fall into the trap of believing you only need to brush certain surfaces of your teeth. No matter how significant a particular portion of your smile may seem, remember that each surface is equally important – and all surfaces need equal cleaning attention. The success of your dental hygiene depends on it.

Step #2: Press Gently

Many patients overlook the fact that only slight pressure is absolutely necessary when it comes to effective dental hygiene. As a result, we suggest that you press lightly without assuming you need to use much force with your brush – this will protect your gums and teeth, while you remove plaque.

Step #3: Make It Last Two Minutes

If your brushing experience isn’t lasting a full two minutes, you’re simply not spending enough time on your dental hygiene. In general, we all have around the same number of teeth and tooth surfaces, which – as we noted – each require thorough brushing. To make your way through your smile, cleaning your teeth (that includes along your gumline), you will need two minutes to remove every last trace of plaque possible.