holidaycraftyYou might not recognize that the holidays can significantly interfere with your otherwise smoothly running sleep apnea treatment that’s allowing you to sleep through the night. The good news is that we are here to help prepare you to avoid common mishaps and pitfalls that can leave you with spotty sleep and all the side effects you’ve been so happily avoiding! Consider a few ways the holidays can potentially interfere with your treatment (and how to avoid these issues) and this joyous time can remain just as merry as you’d planned.

#1: They Mess Up Your Schedule

The holidays can completely throw your usual schedule out of whack, which means a few things: You might not be waking up and going to sleep at the same time, you might forget about your sleep apnea treatment as you crawl into bed after a late night of holiday fun, and this can lead to sleep apnea episodes. Our suggestion? Keep your treatment next to your bed, write a sticky note on your pillow, set a reminder on your phone: Whatever it takes.

#2: They Make You Pack (And Forget Things) For Travel

The holidays might force you to pack a bag to travel away from your home for one or multiple nights. They might also cause you to become flustered, remembering the gifts for family members but forgetting your socks, toothbrush, and sleep apnea treatment. Don’t let this happen! Write out a detailed checklist ahead of time.

#3: They Offer You Alcohol

The holidays may bring some alcoholic beverages your way, often in the form of holiday punch or eggnog. Just remember that drinking alcohol in the evening can relax throat muscles, which can interfere with sleep apnea treatment. It might be best to check out the kids’ table when you’re choosing your drink.