questionkaleidoscopeDo you feel like you should probably know a lot more about dental fillings but you have to admit you don’t really know very much at all? We always appreciate patients who are interested in caring for their smiles and, of course, we enjoy offering educational details. When information about fillings is what you’re after, feel free to ask away! For the current moment, let’s get you started off on the right foot with a question-and-answer session.

Questions and Answers: Fillings

Question: What if I have a cavity in a tooth further back in my mouth but you can still see it when I smile? Do I have to get a metal filling that will become an eyesore?

Answer: We will generally suggest a tooth-colored filling, which is safe for anterior (or front) teeth, as well as back teeth. By matching the color of the affected tooth to the filling, we can ensure your tooth is healthy again and appears fully restored.

Question: What happens if I have a severe cavity? Will I just receive a very big filling? Will you have to remove my tooth?

Answer: For severe decay, a filling is generally not sufficient because you are missing too much tissue. However, a big cavity does not necessarily require an extraction. Most cases will result in the placement of a dental crown after we remove the decay and prep your tooth.

Question: Are most patients able to avoid tooth decay? Or, is it fairly common for you to see patients who require dental fillings?

Answer: Actually, most patients will end up needing a filling at least once. So, no, most of our patients do not avoid decay for an entire lifetime. Decay is common and placing fillings is common. Fortunately, following our suggestions for healthy teeth and gums will help you avoid both.