wintersceneAh yes, with holiday merriment and cozy parties comes chilly, wintry weather that looks oh-so picturesque. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful winter scene can bring with it some serious side effects if you’re not fully prepared to deal with the plummeting temps. No worries! The Central Massachusetts Regional Public Health Alliance (CMRPHA) has some very helpful reminds to ensure you enjoy a truly safe, wonderful winter season.

What To Do

Stay warm and stay covered! Remember that when you go outdoors, it is best to keep as much of your skin protected from the elements as you possibly can to prevent becoming too cold and experiencing frostbite (this means adding a hat, gloves, and scarf to your outfit). Dress in layers to keep the cold out (and the cozy warmth in).

What To Avoid

Remain mindful of your commute, the way you’re heating your house, your pets, and friends who live nearby. Keep the following in mind:

  • If you must drive, keep blankets and water in the car as a backup.
  • Avoid running out of gas by keeping the tank full.
  • Avoid home safety hazards by practicing caution with heating devices and ensuring your home has proper ventilation.
  • Don’t forget about pups, cats, and more. Remember to keep pets indoors!
  • Check on neighbors who may require extra assistance during severe weather.

For More Information

Check out the full Cold Weather Safety pamphlet provided by the CMRPHA and call 508-799-8532 if you have any questions.