thanksgivinggourdsWhen Thanksgiving rolls around, it’s not often until your recycling is ready to go outside that you realize there’s probably been a change in the schedule. To avoid any mishaps or piling up of your recyclables this year, we offer a friendly community reminder regarding what you can expect for the holiday change.

What Is This?

This is a friendly reminder regarding the recycling schedule for our community! Since you might have some extra recyclables as a result of upcoming parties and feasts, you just might want to commit this one to memory:

  • Remember: The week of November 21st, 2016 through November 26th, 2016 is a GREEN Recycling Week.

Who Does It Affect?

This temporary change affects the town of Shrewsbury, MA. You can expect a one-day delay on routes for Thursday and Friday. Remember that this shift is occurring as a result of Turkey Day and the regular recycling schedule will resume after Friday!

How Can I Learn More?

Don’t have the details all sorted out just yet? Curious about other weeks and getting back on schedule? Check out this master recycling calendar!