vote2016Surprise! It seemed like the campaigning and debating were never going to end but here we are: It’s Election Day 2016! If you are worried that it’s too late to vote, think again. You still have a bit of time to head out to the polls and cast your vote, so allow us to fill you in on the details you need for this event in your community.

About the Event

It’s the 2016 Presidential Election! Now is your chance to let your opinion and voice be heard by taking part in our country’s electoral process. Gather up any friends and family members who almost missed their chance to vote today and head out to your local precinct.

Event Location

Voting will take place at the proper precinct according to your address. Consider this map and street listing directory to help you determine where you may vote.

Event Date and Time

Election Day is today, November 8th, 2016. In Shrewsbury, the polls will remain open from 7am through 8pm, which means even if you thought you were out of time, you can participate in this year’s election.

More Information

Are you in need of more information? Election Day can bring up a lot of questions, of course, regarding everything from details about different precincts to inquiries about your voter registration and more! Get the last-minute answers you need by checking out this site.