jawpainblueDo you notice that your teeth hurt? However, when you press on your face or touch your tongue to your teeth, it seems that the discomfort actually rests somewhere else? Somewhere very nearby? Thanks to an enormous amount of nerves that exist within your head, it’s sometimes easy for you to cross your signals and to assume you have a toothache (when really, some other concern affecting other tissues is afoot). Consider our coverage of a few possibilities, so you remember that setting up a visit is generally your best move.

It Could Be A Sinus Infection

Think you have cavities in all of your back teeth but you recently saw us (and left with a clean bill of dental health)? In many instances, pressure is to blame for discomfort. Check in on your respiratory health when you experience a sudden onset of a toothache (or more than one). If you have a sinus infection or something similar, this may be to blame.

Do You Have TMJ Disorder?

Again, you will note that your “toothache” might not be what you think it is. Ask yourself when the pain occurs and where. If you note that opening and closing your mouth is uncomfortable, that you’re experiencing headaches, or that your jaw pops or makes other noises, you may simply be experiencing radiating discomfort from your TMJs (your jaw joints). We will identify whether TMJ is the issue (and offer treatment).

It Could Be Something Else, So Schedule A Visit

Of course, there are multiple reasons you may have a toothache. This is why even if you think you’ve figured everything out, we ask that you come in for a checkup. We can find out the truth of the matter and fix it, so you’re out of pain quickly.