womanwonderingblazerYou may be shocked to learn that you cannot simply stroll into our practice and tell us that today is the day you’re receiving teeth whitening. What you can do is schedule a visit with us to discuss your desire for a whiter smile, receive a dental checkup, and then collaborate with us as we figure out the best move for your smile. It may turn out that you’re generally a good candidate for teeth bleaching but that you’re not ready at the moment. We are here to tell you why this may happen and how to proceed.

You Need Restorative Care

During your dental checkup, we may discover that we need to postpone any type of cosmetic treatment because your smile is unhealthy. A problem with your oral health can be as simple as a cavity or as complex as periodontal disease or an infected tooth. If you know much about our comprehensive dental services, you know that we are prepared to provide you with the restorative treatment you need to get your smile back on track. Then of course, once your smile is healthy, we can revisit your hopes for teeth whitening.

Whitening Is On The Horizon

As long as you are a good candidate for whitening (meaning you are interested in bleaching your natural teeth) and you have regained a clean bill of oral health, you qualify! We will set a date for the teeth whitening treatment, so you can either come in to receive your take-home whitening system or so we can perform the treatment in office. You are just steps away from your brighter smile.