factssignThe moment you open your mouth to speak with people about teeth whitening and your hope to soon rely on it to brighten up your smile, you will hear a lot of opinions. Some may be good and quite encouraging. Others may include negative responses that might sound full of very convincing and ominous details. However, it’s very important to resist taking such details as fact. In all likelihood, they are false and will keep you from achieving your cosmetic goal. For now, we invite you to consider some common rumors (and remember to let us know if need additional clarification)!

Rumor: Even Professional Whitening Is Damaging

Professional teeth whitening is not damaging. It can lead to a very brief moment of minimal sensitivity that then disappears. However, it’s not going to damage your smile. It won’t dehydrate your teeth. It won’t harm your soft tissues. It won’t leave your teeth uncomfortable or weak. These are side effects of DIY treatment. When you receive professional care, you receive exceptional results.

Rumor: Your Teeth Will Stain Quickly After Treatment

You might have heard that after you receive teeth whitening, your smile is going to look great but you’re going to have to make some serious life changes. This is not true. We may suggest you avoid staining products for a day or so. After that, you can go ahead and eat ketchup, coffee, tomato sauce, chocolate, berries, etc. You’ll still need to care for your smile but immediate stains are not a threat.

Rumor: The OTC Stuff Is Exactly The Same

Nope. The treatments you find at the drugstore are not even close to offering the same formulation, safety, or results. When you want teeth whitening, contact our practice.