womanwonderingHave you been dreaming about porcelain veneers and their benefits for some time now but you have recently found out that you’re not a very good candidate? While we certainly understand that you might need a little time to process your disappointment, we suggest you don’t spend too long feeling down in the dumps. Fortunately, you may continue to proceed with plans for beautifying your smile. Your journey will just need to take a different approach (one that we are happy to explain).

Remain Open-Minded About Options

Remember that there are other options besides porcelain veneers. It is entirely possible to proceed with your plan for a better-looking smile. All it takes is remaining open-minded to the breadth of cosmetic dentistry (and beyond) and our suggestions for treatment. For instance, relying on teeth whitening and replacing your dental bridge may be a better fit for your smile. Or, covering severely damaged teeth with porcelain crowns instead of veneers may better suit your needs. The list goes on and on. Speak with us about your care plan options and you will find that you’re not at all as limited as you initially thought!

Focus On The End Goal

It’s important to remember that your goal is to attain a smile that looks natural and beautiful. As long as you can remember that this is the end goal, it’s easier to feel more flexible about the steps that will help get you there. So, forget about the emotional investment you made in porcelain veneers and re-motivate yourself. The smile you’ve dreamt about is on the horizon.