womancoveringmouthYou might discover as you learn about teeth whitening that it’s not for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t get to enjoy a whiter smile. All of our patients can rely on other treatments that can help, so it’s important to remember that whitening is not your one chance at a sparkling smile. Whether you have serious staining or additional concerns, we will figure out the best route to end your discoloration.

When Your Stains Are Deep

Deep stains are not always something we can address with teeth whitening. The good news is that we can address them by camouflaging them. This is possible either with dental bonding or porcelain veneers, depending on your needs and preferences.

When You Have Multiple Concerns

If you have a lot of concerns (for instance, maybe you want a whiter smile but you also need a couple chips addressed, the texture of your teeth could be better, and you have some spaces), you might want to combine teeth whitening with additional treatments. Or, it may be best to address it all at one time with veneers.

When You Need Advanced Or Restorative Care

In some cases, we may determine that your discoloration and other potential issues are too advanced for porcelain veneers. Or, we might discover that you are in need of restorative dentistry for oral health problems, which quickly becomes the priority. In certain instances, we may suggest porcelain crowns to address your multiple needs (remember, we color customize the shade of the crowns) or to make essential repairs.