blocksWhen you’re thinking about how restorative dentistry benefits your smile, you may end up thinking and wondering a bit more about what the process is like. For instance, how do you know that you need this area of dental care, how does the process progress, and then when does your smile feel good as new again? Fortunately, walking you through the essential building blocks of receiving restorative care is simple for us to do (and will offer the clarification you’re seeking).

Detecting The Problem

Providing effective restorative dentistry to our patients begins by detecting the problem. Unfortunately, if you do not schedule dental checkups with us, we cannot let you know that something is wrong with your oral health! The good news? Once you begin coming in for exams (we suggest two a year), we can identify issues if they occur. No worrying necessary.

Selecting The Treatment

Once we identify the problem with your smile, we will consider the restorative dentistry options that will work best for your smile needs. Remember that we offer a comprehensive selection of treatments and that we make conservative choices. We strive to offer the most noninvasive treatment possible, while retaining as much natural tooth tissue as possible.

Repairing Your Smile

After we’ve suggested a treatment or course of treatments to repair your smile, it’s time to put the treatment to use! All that’s left is your decision to schedule your restorative dentistry procedure with us and to come on in. We will see you, repair your smile, and you’ll be on your way with a healthy grin.