2goldSometimes, we learn so many things and have so much going on that we feel a bit of a meltdown coming on. If you can identify with this sensation (after all, the holidays can bring this out in anyone), then you just might want to take the high road, skip the drama, and simplify! When it comes to simplifying your approach to dental care, for instance, we have a very helpful option for keeping yourself on track, so your oral health remains in wonderful condition. Ready?

Brushing: 2 x 2

To begin, we encourage you to use the 2 x 2 idea when you’re thinking about your brushing to protect your oral health. Here are the details for protecting your oral health:

  • The first “2” stands for how many times a day you should brush your teeth. Any less and you are putting your smile at risk of decay, gum disease, and more. More is okay but not necessary.
  • The second “2” stands for how many minutes should elapse from the time you begin brushing until you’re through. Take two minutes per brushing session for effective care.

(Note: Don’t forget to floss. Remembering to do this one time every day is easy, so no special memorization tool is needed!).

Preventive Visits: 2 x 2

You might not be able to remember what is going to happen at your preventive care visit (and you may have trouble remembering how often you should visit us). If so, consider the following:

  • The first “2” stands for the parts of your preventive visit with us to protect your oral health. The two steps include a dental cleaning and a dental checkup.
  • The second “2” stands for how often we should see you annually. Twice a year (we prefer for you to schedule visits every six months).