2redDid you know that a dental checkup is a wonderful time to ask questions? Perhaps you assume that this preventive care visit might be a good time to bring up inquiries about what we are doing throughout the examination but you have felt even more hesitant about telling us what’s on your mind. Good news: You’re free to relax and let us know what you’re thinking! Even things you might feel a little embarrassed to bring up are more than welcome. Let’s give you a couple examples, so you can garner up the confidence you need to have your questions answered.

#1: Why Are You Doing That?

Don’t be shy about asking questions regarding the dental checkup itself. We are always going to be happy to explain the procedure, the reason behind it, how we are gathering the information about your smile, details about technology, and how prevention protects your oral health today and in the future.

#2: Am I Doing This Correctly?

One of the most common types of questions people feel embarrassed to bring up is about their own dental hygiene. Maybe you want to ask us about which type of toothbrush to buy. Maybe you don’t remember a dentist ever directly showing you how to brush and floss. Perhaps you want to know if you should be brushing more often. Ask! This is important information that it’s never too early or too late to ask about. Remember, it just takes one series of questions during a dental checkup for you to have the details you need to protect your smile for the rest of your life.