101If you are just becoming familiar with periodontal care, you may feel completely uncertain about the details. While this area of specialization is something that can cause one to feel on high alert regarding oral health, it’s nothing to become too concerned about. Instead, we encourage you to feel optimistic about the fact that we offer periodontics at our practice. In short, it means that if your gum health is in need of serious attention, we can address the problem (rather than sending you elsewhere for treatment). It’s what comprehensive dental care is all about! Now, about your introduction to gum care – let’s get started.

About Your Gum Health

Your gums – also referred to as your periodontal tissue – are extremely important to your oral health. A healthy smile is one that includes the health of all tissues. Healthy gum tissue lies flat against your teeth, providing a supportive framework. When plaque builds up on your teeth (and hardens into tartar), the bacteria begin to irritate your gums. As plaque and tartar remain and accumulate, while migrating beneath your gumline, your gums become inflamed, they recede, and you may experience infection. These characteristics of gum disease will leave you in need of periodontal care – it’s something you cannot address with your own care at home.

Where Periodontics Comes In

To begin, gum disease starts as gingivitis – a curable form of inflammation. The disease can quickly progress into periodontitis – or full-blown gum disease, which is incurable but something we can help you handle and control. In either case you require periodontal care to remove plaque and tartar buildup, which has become serious and deep beneath your gum tissue. This care will also either reverse or stop the problem, leaving you with immense protection against the severe consequences of periodontal disease (such as tooth loss).