whywomanWhen you discover that your gum tissue isn’t looking or behaving as it should, it can become a very confusing moment. This is particularly true when you recognize that you aren’t certain if you’re dealing with a cosmetic issue or an oral health concern. As a matter of fact, sometimes the symptoms you see will match up with more than one problem. Of course, this is why we suggest you come into our practice for a checkup. We will quickly identify what’s wrong with your gums and offer an appropriate solution. For a preview into what might be going on, consider some helpful facts.

Your Gums Are Puffy

If your gums look puffy, there are a couple things that might be going on. First, if this is not a new thing but something that has always bothered you, you may simply have more gum tissue than is necessary. It can cause your teeth to look shorter than you’d like and your smile may reveal more gum tissue than you would like. We can fix this with a cosmetic treatment called gum contouring.

On the other hand, if this puffiness is new, it might be the result of gum disease. This is a dangerous issue for your oral health, which can lead to serious side effects like tooth loss when left untreated. Come see us immediately, so we may examine your teeth and gums, offer a diagnosis, and improve your smile.

Your Gums Are Pulling Back

Perhaps you are dealing with the opposite symptom. Instead of puffiness, you’re seeing gum recession. If so, this may or may not have something to do with your oral health. If you’re going over the top with your daily brushing, you will need to ease up! When you brush in a forceful manner, your gums recede. Or, the recession might be the result of gum disease. As we mentioned, this requires immediate care.