womanwonderinggrayOnce winter makes its full arrival, you might be expecting your mouth to feel as clean and refreshed as newly fallen snow! Unfortunately, you may discover that the opposite occurs. The good news is that this is generally something you can resolve by making just a few changes, so your mouth feels as crisp and vibrant as you were hoping (and so you know that your oral health is in immaculate condition). Take some suggestions to heart!

You’re Eating Comfort Foods

Patients often overlook the fact that as temperatures take a nosedive, the tendency to indulge in comfort foods is on the rise. This usually includes carb-heavy, sugar-laden foods that make us feel warm and cozy. Unfortunately, they also feed the plaque on your smile, potentially leaving you with bad breath and a greater chance of decay. If you find that you indulge in such foods, just remember to rinse with water after you eat. Chew sugarless gum after that (or brush your teeth 30 minutes after you rinse) and your oral health will be nice and safe.

It Could Be Dry Mouth

Your yucky feeling mouth could be the result of dry mouth, which occurs when saliva flow is on the decline. Whether you’re suffering from a cold and mouth breathing, central heat dries you out while you sleep, or otherwise, take note: Keeping your mouth hydrated is important for good oral health. Drink more water, talk with us about your concern, and we will quickly sort out the details.

Try Refreshing Lip Balm

For that refreshing feeling you were hoping to achieve (and to combat the extraordinarily chapped lips that often show up around this time of year), go ahead and achieve two goals with one product! Try peppermint lip balm to keep lips supple and to feel that wintry tingle!