questionmarkswhiteWhen you hear the term prosthetic dentistry, do you imagine some sort of extraordinary specialized area of care? It’s certainly advanced and exceptional but you will be happy to learn that it’s something to which every patient dealing with tooth loss has immediate access at our practice. In short, this is the field of care that addresses missing teeth – and that helps to replace them. To provide you with a little more insight and understanding into what you can expect, take in some new information.

About Prosthetic Dentistry

In some cases, patients lose a tooth or multiple teeth. This can occur as the result of many different contributing factors, from periodontal disease to accidental trauma and more. While it’s easy to feel like you’re without any options, it’s very important to recognize that you have many. Prosthetics is a field that addresses the myriad of tooth loss issues and configurations that may affect our patients. Keep in mind, treatment is for patients of all ages as losing a tooth can happen to anyone – and everyone deserves a complete smile.

The Details

At our practice, we recognize that prosthetic dentistry is something that must include the diverse needs, preferences, and budgets of our patients. Following suit, we provide a comprehensive variety of prosthetic treatment options to replace your missing teeth. To determine which treatment to choose for your smile, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us. We may suggest a dental bridge, partial denture, full denture, or dental implants to complete your grin.