nail-bitingYou are probably spending a lot of time focusing on the products you should be using to keep your mouth clean, such as toothbrushes and dental floss and toothpaste. However, while there are those things you should put in your mouth to protect yourself, there are also those items you should avoid with complete dedication, so your oral health remains safe. Consider a few!

#1: Your Fingernails

The moment you put your fingernails against your lips and in your mouth, you introduce a whole new medley of germs into your body. Keep potential illnesses from infecting you, so you can remain nice and healthy by avoiding nibbling on nails. It can safeguard your oral health by protecting your smile and jaws from damage and strain, too.

#2: Hard-As-A-Rock Items (Even If They’re Edible)

Yes, it’s always a good plan to keep extremely hard foods and objects out of your mouth because A. they can present a choking hazard and B. they can break or chip a tooth. Think about what you’re asking of your teeth when you attempt to chew on a solid piece of ice, for example. Your tooth might not be up to the challenge.

#3: Foods With Hiding Spaces (And Pits Or Seeds)

Perhaps you are about to eat a grape, an olive, a handful of popcorn, or something else that could potentially have a hard center. Your best bet is to take some precautions to avoid accidentally cracking a tooth. For instance, remove the pit before you bite. Or, nibble carefully until you’re certain there’s no pit or seed. As for foods like popcorn, do your best to eat with the lights on and to ensure the kernels are thoroughly popped, so you don’t sabotage your oral health in one chomp.