womancoveringmouthblondelobWhat is halitosis, you may wonder to yourself? Is it a serious oral health condition? Or, is it really just another term for bad breath? When you find yourself struggling with unpleasant breath that you cannot seem to erase with the use of your usual efforts (like avoiding certain foods, brushing, and flossing), then you’re dealing with halitosis, a problem that requires some additional help from our team. As for the specifics of this issue, let’s go ahead and review essential details.

What Does Halitosis Mean?

Halitosis simply means that you’re dealing with chronic bad breath. Perhaps you assumed that steering clear of potent foods like sausage, garlic, and more for the week would help your breath go back to its lovely scent. However, you found that even this effort (along with dental hygiene) hasn’t helped. This is because there are multiple factors that contribute to the way your mouth smells. The overgrowth of bacteria is often the number one concern. Becoming familiar with how to control bacteria will generally provide you the key to keeping your breath smelling approachable and your oral health safe.

How Should I Deal With Halitosis?

You should come in to see us for a visit. We can ascertain the particulars regarding why your mouth smells. In general, we will provide you with specific instructions or treatment to address one of the following:

  • Dry mouth, which can happen from congestion, medication side effects, and more. When your saliva dries out, bacteria multiply instead of being rinsed away. Bacteria emit foul odors.
  • Improper dental hygiene. If you aren’t brushing and flossing correctly, plaque accumulation may cause halitosis.
  • An oral health problem. Decay, infection, and gum disease can cause yucky breath.