toothbluesideWhen you experience tooth decay, we will suggest a dental filling. While the idea of coming in for a restorative procedure may bring up a lot of questions for you, it’s always important to remember that addressing and repairing the damage as soon as possible is your best bet toward quickly regaining your smile’s beauty and health. As for those questions that come up, our team is always overjoyed to provide you with responses, so you feel knowledgeable and motivated to care for your teeth. Let’s begin with some basic details about fillings and how they benefit you.

What Is A Dental Filling?

A filling is a restorative treatment that we use most often to deal with tooth decay. First, remember that we start off restorative procedures with local anesthetic, so the target site is numb. To begin, we will then clear away decaying tooth tissue, leaving a clean hole within your tooth. This will ensure the decay process ends and provides us with a solid foundation to repair your tooth. We will place filling material (either metal or composite) within the opening and carefully shape it to your bite. You will then enjoy a fully restored tooth that is functional once more.

Why Do I Need A Filling?

As you may have gathered, you need a dental filling for a couple of reasons. First, the structure of your tooth has become compromised from decay, which can interfere with daily life, while leaving your tooth vulnerable to additional damage. Second, the decay is going to destroy more and more of your tooth, so the filling both restores your oral health and prevents further trauma.