3balloonredWhen you are faced with a diagnosis that ends with a suggestion for a tooth extraction, you can quickly find yourself wondering why this is the answer. It’s important to note that the reasons to remove a tooth are all in place in an effort to protect your overall oral health. In addition, focus on the fact that some teeth (like wisdom teeth) do not require replacement. For those that do, we offer beautiful options, so you can quickly rebuild your smile. At the moment, let’s consider a few reasons an extraction might be necessary.

Reason #1: We Cannot Repair Physical Damage

There are some types of physical damage that are too severe for a filling or dental crown. When this occurs, your oral health is extremely vulnerable to infection and additional problems the longer your tooth remains in place. As a result, we will suggest a tooth extraction and replacement to restore your dental health.

Reason #2: Your Wisdom Tooth May Cause Problems

Some wisdom teeth grow in successfully without causing a single hiccup. Others become impacted (which means they cannot erupt or thoroughly make their way through either your jawbone or your gum tissue). Some begin growing in the direction of neighboring teeth, which may lead to damage. To protect your oral health, we suggest the removal of these teeth with tooth extractions. There is no reason to replace them.

Reason #3: An Infection Won’t Respond To Root Canal Treatment

When your dental pulp within your tooth becomes inflamed, infected, or traumatized, we suggest root canal therapy. When this fails or if the infection has progressed too far for a root canal, the only option is to remove the tooth. Fortunately, the tooth extraction will allow us to end the infection, protect the rest of your teeth and tissue, and prepare for a replacement.