dentalflossmeasuringThere are those things in life that seems like they should be extremely easy but that, when we are faced with them, turn out to seem much more complicated than initially expected. We often find that choosing dental floss is one of these moments for our patients. Why so overwhelming, you may wonder? Well, there are a lot of options out there and there’s really no right or wrong selection. Don’t worry! We can quickly help you turn this dental hygiene dilemma into a total no-brainer.

Figure Out What You Need

Remember that choosing dental floss means finding something that you need (not something that seems like it should work or something that might work better for someone else). What do you need for your smile? Does your dental hygiene require you to choose products for sensitivity? Spaced teeth? Overlapping teeth? Gear your choices toward the requirements that are specific to you.

Choose Your Favorite Flavor

Ah yes, the age-old question: Mint, unflavored, orange, berry, cinnamon…? As a matter of fact, this question is becoming more complex as the years go by because manufacturers are producing more and more options. This means you can become a bit pickier and choose a dental floss flavor you actually like instead of one you can just tolerate! Pick your favorite.

Check For Approval

If you’re having a hard time making a final decision, remember that the ADA Seal of Acceptance (a product that receives the American Dental Association’s approval) is always a safe bet because it has already been tested out. Use this as your backup plan or tiebreaker!