dentalimplantandtoothWelcome to the exciting world of dental implants! You may not know much about this prosthetic option at all. However, its reputation likely precedes itself, so you might have some interest nonetheless. When it comes to replacing your teeth, choosing implants is an option that provides you with a unique set of benefits. To begin your journey toward getting to know implants, we encourage you to begin at the beginning with some building-block information.

What’s An Implant?

This is an important question. You know that a dental implant replaces a missing tooth. What you might not know is that it’s a single titanium post that we will implant in your smile to replace missing roots. Once it has been inserted into your jawbone in the empty socket, it will take on the previous function of your roots by stimulating your jaw and by supporting a “tooth” that will allow you to speak and chew.

How’s This Work?

You will receive a dental implant through a surgical procedure. Once in place, the implant needs time to bond with your bone tissue, which is where it receives its extraordinary support. To complete the replacement of your missing tooth, we will then restore your implant. “Restoring” means that we are placing a dental crown (or another device) over the post, which we do with the help of an accessory called an abutment (a connecting device). After restoration, your tooth is completely restored. In many cases, particularly when good dental hygiene practices are in order, the implants can last for many years if not a lifetime.