Q&AskyWhen you stare at yourself in the mirror, you may wonder what’s causing your smile to look uneven, your teeth to look short, or other issues may jump out at you. In many cases, the problem is related directly to an issue with your teeth, such as uneven tooth lengths or misalignment. However, in some instances, there’s nothing wrong with your teeth at all. It’s your gum tissue that is the culprit in your smile’s esthetic imbalance. Good news: We offer gum contouring to address many of these issues. Learn more!

Questions and Answers: Contouring Your Gums

Question: What is the purpose of gum contouring?

Answer: It is a cosmetic treatment that gives us the opportunity to remove gum tissue from your gumline. We take away a minimal amount through the use of a strategic plan to improve the beauty of your smile. For instance, we can improve a gummy smile by removing the extra tissue that causes teeth to appear short. Or, we may remove gum tissue from specific locations to create the appearance of a symmetrical smile.

Question: Is gum contouring the same thing as dental contouring?

Answer: No. One removes excess gum tissue, while the other removes excess dental tissue. You may, however, choose to use both treatments if necessary to improve your smile.

Question: How do I know if I need gum contouring, if something is wrong with the health of my gums, or if it’s my teeth that require cosmetic care?

Answer: You can determine this quite easily by scheduling an appointment at our practice. After thoroughly inspecting your gums and teeth and discussing with you what’s happening with your smile, we can explain the problem and the corresponding treatment.