3asphaltWhen you think about preventive care, what do you visualize? Do you think of the words “avoid” and “inhibit?” Do you imagine the things that can happen when you aren’t practicing prevention (such as cavities and gum problems)? Whatever the case, there are multiple components of this area of dental care. When you become familiar with the fact that it is multi-faceted, you will quickly learn how to make the most of it.

Component #1: What You Do At The Sink

What you do on your own time, 365 days out of the year, is one essential component of preventive care. As you have noticed, it’s something that you accomplish every day, which means it makes up the majority of the prevention you enjoy against issues like gingivitis and decay. This includes your brushing and your flossing.

Component #2: What We Provide You

Then, of course, there’s the professional preventive care that you don’t provide yourself but that you receive from our dental practice. From your cleaning to your checkup and any preventive treatment you might need (like bruxism or TMJ treatment), we keep your oral health in check by removing plaque, monitoring changes, and offering early treatment.

Component #3: The Extra Steps You Take

There’s actually even more to preventive care: It’s the steps you take beyond brushing, flossing, and visits. Every time you set down a piece of food because it could break a tooth or choose not to snack on sugary treats because it could lead to decay, you’re practicing smart preventive steps.