walkinglegsAre you excited that autumn has final made its arrival? Is taking a nice walk your favorite thing to do this time of year but you would really like to join a group rather than strolling about solo? Good news: This weekly event might be just what you’ve been looking to find!

What Is This?

This is the Greendale Physical Therapy Walking Group, a local collection of individuals who meet up and walk together! Head out for a mile-long walk (you may walk a shorter or longer distance, as you desire). All are welcome that wish to walk!

When Is It?

This is a weekly event in Shrewsbury, MA that begins at 6pm every Wednesday evening.

Where Is It?

The event takes place at Greendale Physical Therapy at the following location:

Behind 280 Boston Turnpike (find your walking buddies at the picnic table)

How Much Is It?

It’s a free event!

How Can I Learn More?

Want to find out more? You may send an email to jon@greendalept.com.