wisdomteethlitupAre you still a bit of a novice when it comes to details about wisdom teeth? Have you recently been informed that you may need the removal of said teeth but you aren’t really sure what to make of this since the facts are still quite fuzzy? Fortunately, it’s a very easy concept to grasp. As for what a third molar really is and what happens once we have removed it … we are here to help you feel much more knowledgeable.

What’s A Wisdom Tooth?

It’s a molar that comes in after those that erupt during your early teen years. These molars come in during your late teens through your early 20s. As you may have noted, they are called both “third molars” and “wisdom teeth.” This is because they’re the third set of teeth that develop in your smile. As for the “wise” attribution, it’s because they arrive in your smile when you’ve gathered more wisdom than when you received previous teeth.

What Happens Once You Remove Them?

Once we remove your wisdom teeth, you will heal for several days. Unlike the after effects of removing any other teeth in your smile, the removal of third molars will not be accompanied by consequences, so you don’t need replacements. Instead (since we remove them to protect your oral health), the extraction will bring only benefits. For instance, getting rid of impacted, angled, or hard-to-reach teeth will result in more successful dental hygiene and a decreased risk of complications like infection. Think it may be time for you to say goodbye to those third molars? Come in for a visit!