womanthumbsuptankSo, you have received teeth whitening and your teeth look like gleaming, dazzling pearls! You’re pretty excited about this vibrant grin of yours but there’s a somewhat uneasy feeling lingering in the back of your mind. Rather than let your fear of upkeep cloud your newfound sense of confidence, we encourage you to consider some helpful advice from your friendly dental practice. Fortunately, maintaining the vivid finish of your smile is something that’s quite easy to accomplish.

First, Keep Brushing

You know that brushing your teeth might not do much in the way of removing stains if your teeth are already discolored. Fortunately, if you have received teeth whitening, brushing is amazing at helping you keep that bright white color just as brilliant as ever. You see, the foods and beverages you consume every day are the primary cause of stains. By brushing twice daily (and by rinsing and then brushing after snacks or meals, especially those that are known for staining), you remove the culprit. The result? Teeth that continue to glitter.

Don’t Think Cleanings Are Unnecessary

When patients receive teeth whitening, it can play tricks on their perception. We often find that patients think their smiles look so incredibly healthy that they assume a cleaning isn’t really all that necessary. We encourage you to remember that white teeth don’t necessarily equate to perfectly health or plaque-free teeth. Keep coming in for your cleanings and checkups twice a year to keep your smile healthy and to keep it nice and white.