3silverWhen you’re doing everything you can to protect your teeth, you may sometimes assume that certain items or treatments are going to be damaging for your oral health. However, not everything that seems potentially harsh on your teeth is something that’s actually harmful. As a result, we generally recommend that you ask us about such things, so you can make sure you’re safeguarding your smile without missing out on any important opportunities. Let’s go over some possible issues you may think are dangers when they’re actually perfectly safe.

#1: Professional Teeth Whitening

Under the assumption that whitening will harm your oral health? Here’s how this one goes: If you receive professional teeth whitening, you’re in good shape. We strive to protect if not improve your teeth when we make them look better. However, over-the-counter whitening products will generally prove quite harsh, which is why we don’t suggest them.

#2: Dental Contouring

Think dental contouring is going to harm your oral health just because we remove some tissue from your teeth? Remember that we only remove as much as is necessary and only if you have enough enamel for us to change. If not, you will not receive contouring. If so, we will take away only very minimal amounts of tissue for a better-looking smile.

#3: Dental Cleanings

Perhaps when we use our instruments to carefully scrape plaque and tartar from your teeth, you’re envisioning the worst possible outcome of a dental cleaning: You imagine we are scratching your enamel. While we understand that that sounds and sensations you feel may lead you to believe that this dental work is hurting your oral health, it isn’t. We use very careful, gentle techniques to optimize plaque removal without harming your tissues.