womanwonderingredHave you been thinking to yourself, “I don’t think I need a root canal,” but you’re not sure if that’s true? This is quite common, so rest assured that your investigative spirit will be met with our expert analysis and advice! We are happy you are curious and completely empathize with your desire for more information. The short version of this story goes like this: Yes, you need root canal treatment if we have suggested it. As for the longer version, consider our explanations.

#1: Understand Infection

First, you need to understand more about infection to comprehend why you do, in fact, need root canal treatment to save your tooth. Consider the following for the help you’re seeking:

  • You might not feel anything that warrants a need for restorative care. However, an infection can occur even if it’s “silent.”
  • You might wonder why you can’t just take medicine. Unfortunately, antibiotics cannot sufficiently reach and heal the inside of your tooth.
  • If we don’t perform the root canal, your tooth will die, the infection could abscess, the infection could also spread, and you’ll lose the tooth.

#2: Come In For A Second Opinion

Were you told by another practice that you need a root canal treatment but you weren’t presented with any evidence or information? Come on in for a second opinion!

#3: Consider Imaging

During your visit, we will use advanced technology to capture detailed images of your tooth. We can then show you where any infection lies and explain what’s going on. You’ll have the chance to consider the details and to ask us questions.