3bluewallWhen it comes to your dental care and protecting your oral health, you might find that sometimes everything feels easy and wonderful. Other times, you might find yourself experiencing some embarrassment or hesitation for a variety of reasons. To ensure you always feel welcome at our practice and understand that it’s never too late to care for your smile, we encourage you to consider a few important details.

#1: You Can Always Call

If you notice a sore, something changes, or you just feel uneasy about some aspect of your oral health, you can always call us. It’s far better to schedule a visit only to be given a perfectly clean bill of oral health than to ignore a warning sign and learn later that we could have easily solved the issue if you had not waited.

#2: You Should Always Schedule A Checkup

Maybe it’s been six months since your last checkup and you’re convinced that your oral health is completely fine. Perhaps it’s been six years and you’re embarrassed that it’s been so long. Whatever the case, we encourage you to schedule an exam. From pristine grins to those in need of serious dental care, every smile needs a checkup and you are always welcome to get your dental care on track with us.

#3: We Know You’re Human

At our practice, we understand that you are human and the last thing we want is for you to feel negatively toward caring for your smile. When it comes to dental care, you might perform a wonderful job all the time, some of the time, or you might become quite sidetracked at some point. We understand! We ask that you do your best and if things aren’t going so great, let us know so we can help.