3magentaHave you ever considered wearing a mouthguard? For many patients, this is a question often met with a deer-in-the-headlights look. A mouthguard?, you may think to yourself. Actually, this is an appliance that comes in handy in a variety of ways as we do our best to safeguard your oral health. For instance, sometimes you need one to help you avoid problems, while other times you require one to prevent side effects from an existing issue. Consider some common moments when extra smile protection becomes essential.

#1: When You Have Bruxism/TMD

You might need a mouthguard if you are dealing with bruxism or TMD. Bruxism is a disorder that we characterize by someone who clenches his or her teeth or grinds them regularly (even if it’s unintentional). TMD is “TMJ disorder,” which means your jaw joints are having some functional problems that might hurt. To take the stress and pressure off of teeth and jaw joints, we provide a special type of mouthguard to keep your oral health in great condition.

#2: When You Have Sleep Apnea

Patients who suffer from sleep apnea know that waking up throughout the night is what is causing their daily exhaustion, mood swings, and more. However, how to remain unconscious? A mouthguard is often the first line of defense, positioning your jaw just so in an effort to encourage easy, open breathing.

#3: When You’re Very Active

Are you pretty active? A mouthguard created just for individuals partaking in sports can be quite the lifesaver. Just one hard pop from a baseball, contact with an elbow or foot, or any other form of impact can seriously damage your oral health. Wear a mouthguard to avoid this worry.