worrydontworrysignWhen you find out that we can remove a little bit of tissue here and there from your smile, the future begins to look very bright! That very pointy tooth, those teeth that look too long, and so forth suddenly become obstacles you can handle. However, while the idea of attaining the smile you desire thanks to dental contouring sounds like a dream come true, you might have a few worries you’d like addressed first. We are happy to set your mind at ease!

Worries And Relief

Worry: I’m worried about choosing dental contouring for my smile. What if I initially like the changes that I make but in the future I want more changes or I want more improvements. Will this be possible?

Our Response: Yes, of course. You will still qualify for additional contouring, bonding, whitening, veneers, and more. Contouring will not disqualify you from cosmetic care.

Worry: I am afraid that contouring is just what I need to make my smile look better but I don’t want to ask about the investment. If it’s too expensive, I will be very disappointed.

Our Response: Along with its “companion” dental bonding, dental contouring is known as not only a very effective treatment but also one that works with most budgets. Please let us know if you are interested, so we can help you figure out the financial aspect.

Worry: I’m scared that dental contouring is going to damage my teeth since it removes some dental tissue.

Our Response: Rest assured, there’s a plan that goes along with contouring. We gather a comprehensive scope of your tooth, so we remove only as much enamel as is safe for the health of your tooth. If your enamel is quite thin, we will suggest another option.