reasoncloudsIt’s certainly a tall order to suggest to every one of our dental patients that they should simply avoid candy on Halloween. However, as dental professionals, we do like to make recommendations for this sugar-fueled holiday to become something less likely to lead to oral health problems like cavities and damaged dental work. A good recommendation is as simple as skipping the sticky candy that comes your way. Allow us to explain why this is so helpful.

Reason #1: It Can Destroy Dental Work

About that damaged dental work: If you decide that sticky candy is worthwhile, you may quickly discover how detrimental it can be to braces, bridges, fillings, crowns, and more. You see, if the candy is quite tacky, stretchy, or hard, it can remove dental work or lead to a need for repairs. We suggest you avoid it for this reason! It will save you time, energy, and money.

Reason #2: It Will Coat Your Teeth

Sticky candy is also known for its ability to completely saturate your teeth. If you’re into the sticky candy that is quite hard, this means it’s in your mouth (as sugar coats your teeth) for an extended period. If the candy is stretchy, its natural texture will tend to cover and become stuck to your teeth. Skip it to protect your oral health.

Reason #3: It Can “Hide”

Do you have braces? Deep grooves in your teeth? The sugar in sticky candies can easily become lodged within these areas, where bad bacteria can have a field day that will contribute to oral health issues.