bruxismblondeWhen you learn about bruxism, do you say to yourself, “Why, that has nothing to do with my oral health!” or do you immediately realize that you might need bruxism treatment? If it’s the latter, it’s a good idea to quickly become proactive about doing what you can to protect your smile. Here’s what you need to know: If you don’t make the effort, minor discomfort and damage can quickly become much worse. Fortunately, taking care of the matter is simple. Allow us to offer the advice you’re seeking.

Come In!

The absolute essential first step in taking care of your oral health is coming in to find out if you need bruxism treatment. If you’re coming in for your usual preventive visits, we will be on the lookout for signs that it’s occurring. If you have a hunch that something is wrong, schedule an additional visit, so we can take a look. If we determine that you are, in fact, suffering from issues associated with the tendency to grind and clench your teeth, we will move forward with bruxism treatment.

What’s Going To Happen?

If you need help for your bruxism, we are going to suggest some simple but exceptionally helpful bruxism treatment. It’s not a medicine or a procedure but an easy-to-use treatment for your home. It’s called oral appliance therapy, which is a fancy way of saying we’ll provide you with a special type of mouthguard that acts as a protective buffer between upper and lower teeth. Wear it to bed each night. This is really all it takes to address the symptoms and the primary cause!