benefitsblocksWhen you think of a crown, do you imagine a dark, obvious cap placed over your tooth? If so, it’s very important you recognize one thing: Dentistry has come a long way! While there’s still an advantage to placing a metal crown on a back tooth (they are extremely durable and budget friendly), you can now receive lifelike restorations for teeth that look like … well … teeth! Allow us to explain some exciting benefits of dental crowns, so you can shift your perspective from the past to the oh-so-modern and beautiful present moment.

They Look Natural

If you are receiving a dental crown, you can rest assured that once we have placed it, your tooth will look like your own tooth again. This is possible because we work with lifelike materials that very closely mimic your natural dental tissue. In addition to surprisingly accurate light reflection and translucency, the materials are also those that we can customize according to color. The result? A seamless finish.

They Can Save Your Tooth

Remember that beyond the cosmetic value of a dental crown is the fact that it can literally save your tooth. This may occur as the result of multiple potential concerns. Perhaps you received a root canal and your tooth now needs protection and restored structure. Maybe you broke a tooth and need to restore it. Perhaps you’re dealing with a very severe cavity that we cannot repair with a filling. Crowns are multi-functional prosthetics that can rescue your smile on many occasions.