womanwonderingyellowDo you know much about the treatments we offer if you need restorative dentistry? If not, you may have a general understanding that seeking restorative care can fix your smile. However, that doesn’t mean you’re clear on what you can expect when something specific arises with the health of your mouth. For instance, do you know how we treat a broken tooth or an infected tooth? Grow your knowledge of the dental care you have at your fingertips by getting to know the basics of the services we provide.

Fillings For Cavities

When you have a cavity, you will need to come in for a dental filling. This is the restorative dentistry treatment that we usually recommend. However, if you are dealing with extremely severe decay, we may need to move on to a dental crown to address the damage.

Root Canal Treatment For Infections

When your tooth is infected, you need care immediately to avoid a potential abscess or the loss of your tooth. We provide root canal treatment, an endodontic procedure that gets rid of the damaged tissue threatening your tooth, while allowing your smile to remain intact.

Crowns For Multiple Purposes

If you need a serious repair for your tooth, you may need a dental crown. It’s an artificial tooth with a body that’s hollow. This means we can use it to cover your tooth, so its structure is full again and the tissue beneath is safe.

Dental Extractions When You Need Them

When all other restorative dentistry treatments can no longer fix or save your tooth, we will remove the tooth with a dental extraction. (Don’t worry, a replacement is on the horizon).

Periodontics For Gum Problems

If your gum tissue becomes inflamed and/or infected, periodontal care comes to the rescue. We will eradicate the plaque and tartar (the source of the problem) and work to repair your damaged gums.