dentalimplantcloseupBeyond becoming familiar with the way dental implants work, we find that patients are usually most consumed with finding out more regarding candidacy. Nobody wants to discover what seems like the ultimate tooth replacement solution only to quickly find out it’s only appropriate for a select group of individuals. Great news: Implants work for many, many patients, even those who need a little work done to qualify. Let’s help you establish an understanding of candidacy, so you can move forward with your plans.

A Consultation Is Necessary

There’s a lot that goes into receiving dental implants and determining your candidacy. In some instances, your consultation can help you decide how you feel about implants just as much as it allows us to come up with a potential strategy for the treatment. When you’re ready to talk about implants, to find out about qualifying, and to examine your options, call us to schedule a visit.

Potential Concerns (And Working Through Them)

First, recognize that you are going to undergo a surgical procedure when you decide on dental implants. As a result, we will need to review the history (and current standing) of your health, as well as current medications, to determine your eligibility. Second, the health of your jawbone is crucial to choosing implants. Fortunately, if there are problems with your jaw (perhaps it is not strong enough), you may make a good candidate for grafting. The process will rely on bone grafts to regenerate jawbone tissue for a jaw strong enough to receive implants.