Category: Events in Shrewsbury MA

Cold Weather Safety Tips!

Ah yes, with holiday merriment and cozy parties comes chilly, wintry weather that looks oh-so picturesque. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful winter scene can bring with it some serious side effects if you’re not fully prepared to deal with the plummeting temps. No worries! The Central Massachusetts Regional Public Health Alliance (CMRPHA) has some very helpful… Read more »

SMC Holiday Open House

Looking for something fun and possibly a little bit different to do as you get ready to celebrate the holidays this year? If so, gather up the kids, your friends, and your family, and head out for the SMC Holiday Open House!

Shrewsbury Library Museum Pass Program

If you hear the word “museum” and think of a dull place with dusty paintings or old bones, it is time to check out some of the museums in the greater Shrewsbury area! And what better way to broaden your (or your whole family’s) horizons, then by taking advantage of the Shrewsbury Library’s Museum Passes… Read more »

Community Reminder: Green Recycling Week

When Thanksgiving rolls around, it’s not often until your recycling is ready to go outside that you realize there’s probably been a change in the schedule. To avoid any mishaps or piling up of your recyclables this year, we offer a friendly community reminder regarding what you can expect for the holiday change.

It’s Election Day 2016!

Surprise! It seemed like the campaigning and debating were never going to end but here we are: It’s Election Day 2016! If you are worried that it’s too late to vote, think again. You still have a bit of time to head out to the polls and cast your vote, so allow us to fill… Read more »

E-ZPASS Transponder Sign-Up Event

The day has come when you will not have to stop if you decide to take the MassPike. Can you believe it? Instead, you will be able to rely on paying by mail or paying with the use of an E-ZPass Transponder. Choose to open an account for the E-ZPass and the money is automatically… Read more »

Electronics, Plastics, And Textile Recycling Day

Do you ever take a look at your piles of things you’d like to throw out, wondering if there’s some way to recycle them instead of adding them to a landfill? Whether it’s an old computer, a bicycle, blanket, or otherwise, there is a way! You happen to be invited to just the event to… Read more »

Medication Take Back Event

Have you ever found yourself staring at a medication bottle that’s not quite empty (but that you’re never going to finish)? What to do with unused medication, you may wonder? If you’ve heard that flushing it down the sink or toilet or tossing it in the garbage is not the right choice, you’re quite right…. Read more »

Wicked Wormtown Pumpkin Contest

Looking for a way to combine your love for Halloween and your love for a relaxing, grown-up evening amongst friends? Whether you’re getting in a little adult time before trick-or-treating with the little ones or you’re just in the mood to get creative this year, you will be all smiles about this upcoming event!

John Mellencamp In Concert

Are you a huge fan of John (Cougar) Mellencamp and his Americana-roots, heartland rock? If so, this is a concert you do not want to miss. Gather up your loved ones and fellow fans and purchase tickets before they’re gone.