3goldAs you have gathered, dental hygiene provides you with a way to protect your oral health 24/7. While the details are generally quite straightforward, there are still some areas that leave patients vulnerable to accidentally making not-so-great-for-their-smiles choices. Good news! This is rare and something we can easily help you avoid by featuring a few “no-no’s.”

No-No #1: Don’t Share A Toothbrush!

It’s never ever ever a good idea to share a toothbrush. Everyone has their own unique blend of bacteria happening in their mouths (and some might be carrying illnesses like viruses that can be shared from person to person). Just use your own brush to avoid unnecessary oral or general health problems. (Note: It’s also important to prevent your toothbrush from touching someone else’s brush).

No-No #2: Don’t Reuse Floss!

Tempting as it may be (and potentially alluring to the conservationist in you), reusing dental floss is always a bad idea. Even if you think you’ve cleaned it off quite well, any lingering bacteria will not bode well for practicing effective dental hygiene. Floss your smile with a brand new, fresh floss piece every time you floss.

No-No #3: Don’t Over-Scrub Your Smile

You might think that brushing for a half hour while using as much of your strength as possible must certainly lead to cleaner, healthier teeth than the two minutes we suggest for dental hygiene. This isn’t true. It’s actually very important to stick to the two minutes, to brush with gentle pressure, and to avoid abrasive products. Over-scrubbing can lead to a number of serious oral health concerns, including sensitivity brought on by gum damage.