smileperfectWhat is it that you are hoping to accomplish when you visit us to discuss cosmetic dentistry? Would you like to ask about making some serious adjustments to the way your smile looks but you aren’t really sure how we will respond? For patients seeking a significant change (even a smile makeover), we frequently recommend porcelain veneers. They offer multiple improvements all through the use of just one two- to three-visit treatment. Sound good? Gather up some additional details.

Veneers Cover Your Tooth’s Surfaces (The Visible Part)

Porcelain veneers don’t change your natural tissue. They cover up the part that others see. While we may need to buff away a bit of your enamel to create a surface for an optimal fit, the esthetic improvements will all come from the very thin shell (the veneer) that we customize and bond to each tooth.

About The Customizing

We can customize your smile by making a strategic plan with the design of your porcelain veneers. As you now understand, they will provide you with the look of a brand new (albeit extremely natural looking) smile. We can make the following alterations with veneers:

  • We can change your tooth shape
  • We can change the size of your teeth
  • We may help your smile look straighter in appearance by using veneers to close spaces or even out the length of your teeth
  • We may choose a shade that provides you with a natural-looking, white smile
  • We can cover issues that are unsightly, like chips, stains, pitting, and mild cracks