Q&AscrabbleYes, you have learned about the best way to approach brushing your teeth and you probably know which type of toothbrush to choose (soft bristles only, remember!). What can escape you and cause you some additional curiosity regarding dental hygiene is how to take care of your toothbrush. Is it an instrument you can use for years, you may wonder? Is there a proper way to maintain it or are you over-thinking the entire thing? Let’s get down to the details with a quick Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Toothbrush Care

Question: If I like my toothbrush and it still looks nice and clean, can I just keep using it for my dental hygiene sessions until it doesn’t seem clean anymore?

Answer: No. This seems logical but your brush bristles will break down over time. As a result, even if it looks quite nice, your brush will need to go within about three months to four months. If you like that particular brush, however, simply purchase a replacement of the same model when you buy a new toothbrush.

Question: I often store my toothbrush in a travel container. Is this a good idea?

Answer: No. To protect your brush from bacterial growth, you will want to leave it out after you brush and wash the toothbrush off. When you place it in a dark, tight, or sealed environment, any present bacteria will grow (they love dark, moist areas). Expose the bristles to air and light for a clean, dry brush.

Question: Is it true that all I need to do is wash my brush off with water, so it remains clean for the few months it’s in use for my dental hygiene?

Answer: Yes. Most patients are surprised to learn that rinsing bristles thoroughly is the suggested way to clean one’s toothbrush. Anything that sounds outlandish or excessive is just that! Stick to the basics.