OTCDo you love the idea of a future you with a much whiter smile? If so, you might be spending some energy considering the different options for turning your teeth from dim to vibrant. We understand that many of our patients may find the allure of OTC teeth whitening to be quite enticing. However, over-the-counter (OTC) options are not always what they seem. Yes, they promise beautiful results. Unfortunately, those promises are generally quite empty (or come with side effects). Allow us to offer you some straight talk on the topic!

Why Not OTC?

You may find yourself feeling frustrated when we suggest you avoid OTC teeth whitening. Your friends use it. You see it on television. You’ve read some good things about some of these home care treatments. While it’s completely possible to see some change after use, it’s also likely the following will also occur:

  • Your teeth will not look as white as you’d hoped
  • You may use a second round of treatment in an attempt to achieve the desired results
  • One or repeat use of the product may lead to dehydrated dental tissue and sensitivity
  • You may spend more money than initially planned

Why Professional Care?

As you may have already noted, there are some significant reasons to avoid OTC teeth whitening and to come to us instead. First, recognize that you might not even need whitening. You may require veneers or bonding (which is something you won’t know until we examine your smile). Second, you need to keep your teeth around, intact and healthy, for as long as possible. Cosmetic changes can be wonderful but only if they’re safe. Professional treatments are crafted by experts to offer improvements without sacrificing the health of your smile.